Solar + Battery

Prepare for blackouts before they happen.

The battery that powers your home

Your favorite devices will keep on shining for hours. No cords, no electrician. Just a few minutes of sunlight to unblock your home devices.

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Be prepared for unexpected outages.

Safeguard your electronics

A solar battery is an innovative and sustainable way to safeguard your electronics.

Protect yourself

Helps protect you from the unexpected, whether that's a power outage or sudden storm.

Peace of mind

Get peace of mind with a backup supply of power to keep the things you care about running.

Run a super efficient and powerful generator.

The battery can escape almost 100% of daily blackouts even when there is no sun. Never worry about a power outage again!

Whether it's a storm, a noisy circuit breaker, or your neighbor's cable box, our batteries will protect your connected devices from power surges.

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