5 Solar energy myths

I’m sure you’ve heard a million things about solar. Some facts, some myths. Let us expose some of those myths for you.

I’m sure you’ve heard a million things about solar. Some facts, some myths. Let us expose some of those myths for you.

1. Solar is too expensive

Globally, it is actually cheaper to produce electricity from solar energy than it is from coal. It costs nothing upfront for you to go solar. If you think about how much you’re paying to your electric company and how there is no end date on those payments, it makes you realize how much money you are actually SAVING right off the bat by going solar. Once your panels are paid off, no more electric bill for you.

2. Solar panels will cause damage to my roof

Since the solar panels are simply mounted to your roof, they are actually protecting and preserving it. The panels will even keep your home cooler by absorbing the sun before it hits your attic. If for any reason your roof gets damaged under your solar panels, you can easily remove the panel to fix the damage. With Lucent, we also guarantee your roof with a standard 10 year warranty and also have options to extend that to 30 years. You will want to make sure your roof is damage free before installing solar panels.

3. Solar panels require a lot of maintenance

Solar panels are easier to maintain than your property’s HVAC and appliances. The panels would just need to be cleaned with water to remove any accumulated dust or debris or snow that has been trapped on them. A simple rain/hose every now and then can get the job done.

4. If I fall behind on paying my solar panels, they’ll put liens on my house

No lien will be placed on your property if you fall behind on your payments with the lenders that Lucent works with. Just like a mortgage lender has a lien on your house or an auto lender has a lien on your car, solar lenders will have a lien only on your solar panels.

5. Once I need to replace my solar panels, i’ll just have to buy new ones all over again

Your solar panels come with a 25 year warranty. Our company offers an extended warranty of 30 years which gives you 5 additional years on that warranty. Within that 30 years, if your panels need to replaced it is typically covered under your warranty. The technology of the mono crystalline glass that’s in solar panels have been tested by NASA to last for a lifespan of 50+ years.

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