Shenandoah County Wants Your Help To Go Solar

Help Shenandoah County take the lead in creating a more sustainable energy supply by filling out the survey to provide your views on solar energy. Your feedback could have a major impact in transforming the county into a leader in renewable energy production and providing a range of economic and environmental benefits.

Shenandoah County Needs Your Help With Solar Power Shenandoah County is excited to launch a project to collect feedback from residents about the potential for solar power projects. You can join in and share your views on how to make this happen, by filling out this form. There is increasing pressure to move away from traditional forms of energy, such as fossil fuels, and switch to renewable energy sources like solar. Solar energy has many environmental and economic benefits, such as reducing air pollution, and creating jobs, particularly in rural areas. The Shenandoah County Solar Survey will be a valuable tool for local government, who need the public’s input in order to figure out the best ways to implement solar energy projects. The survey will help them understand where the most suitable locations for solar panels are, who is interested in renewable energy, and what reduced costs could be offered to make solar power more attractive and accessible. The survey has been designed to be easy and quick to fill out, and all information collected will be kept confidential. It will take approximately five minutes and your feedback can have a major impact on the future of energy production in Shenandoah County. Shenandoah County has the potential to become a leader in the development of solar energy in the United States. Solar energy has many advantages, such as:
  • Providing clean and renewable energy
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution
  • Boosting local economies by creating jobs
  • Encouraging small businesses and local entrepreneurs
  • Providing energy security and greater energy independence
With your help, Shenandoah County can make the switch to solar energy and lead the way in creating a more sustainable future. Please take five minutes to complete the survey and help shape the future of the county.

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